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    The Tide Turns


    It's time to fight back!whistled the Pink Dolphin to the sea creatures floating above the sea bed, far away from human ears. "If they continue to pollute our island we will all die out forever!"

    “反擊的時刻到了!”在人類聽不到的地方,粉色海豚吹著口哨, 對漂浮在海床以上的海洋生物們說,“如果人類繼續污染我們的海島,我們就將永遠滅絕了。”

    Calls of agreement echoed through the water as the Pink Dolphin continued. "They have already killed the Crustaceans and poisoned the Plankton we eat. We must find a way to stop them from destroying us!"


    Let's fight them, bite them, and eat them alive! shouted the Tiger Shark, catching a seal in her great big jaws.


    Stop that now! ordered the Pink Dolphin. "We must work together, not attack each other!"


    The Tiger Shark's sharp teeth fell open in surprise and the seal dived out to safety.


    Let's sink their ships...! suggested the big Blue Whale.


    ... and turn them into soup! added the Finless Bull Shark.


    Stop! Listen! whistled the Pink Dolphin, raising his pink beak high. "We must plan our attack with the skills and intelligence we alone possess. We can see more and hear more than any human in the sea. We have the power to locate their every move."


    You mean 'echolocation '? asked a Dolphin calf.


    That's right, replied the Pink Dolphin. "We can all learn the high-pitched call Dolphins use to find fish and detect danger. If our call bounces back we know exactly what's at sea and where it is. That's how we can fight back!"


    For weeks the Pink Dolphin trained the sea creatures to make the high- pitched call. Soon they could identify each other from far away, and could track the fishing boats as soon as they left the port.

    之后的幾個星期,粉色海豚訓練海底動物們運用高音技術。很 快,它們在距離很遠時就可以相互識別,并且只要漁船離開海港,它們就可以馬上跟蹤。

    First we must show them we are not afraid of their nets and knives! whistled the Pink Dolphin. "We must stop them from catching our fish!"


    But that's impossible! cried the Sardines . "Their boats are so big and their nets are so strong!"


    Nothing is impossible for us! said the Swordfish. "Here's our plan..."


    Early the next morning the fishermen cast their nets into the sea. As the Swordfish cut through the main ropes with their long, sharp swords, the sardines swam into the nets in their thousands. Amazed by the size of their catch, the fishermen quickly pulled up their nets, but with a sudden SNAP! The ropes broke, rocking and rolling the boats over and over into the deep, dark sea.


    Hurray! We've done it! cried the Swordfish to the sardines. "Let's go and see how the others are doing!"


    Over by the shore, things were not quite going to plan at the sewage factory. Locating the main pipe that pumped its waste into the sea, the Blue Whales dived down. The youngest Blue Whale, excited by the mission, swam straight into the pipe.


    Didn't you listen to my instructions? whistled the Pink Dolphin, now purple in the face. "Get out of there now, before the toxic waste kills you!"


    But the young Blue Whale could not move a fin. "Get hold of his tail!" ordered the Pink Dolphin to his team of Octopuses. With their thousands of tentacles , the Octopuses took hold of the tail and pulled and pulled until the Blue Whale, now black and oily, came out of the pipe with a POP!


    Bigger than the biggest dinosaurs, the Blue Whales threw their bodies onto the top of the pipe, crushing and pushing it deep into the sea bed, closing it up forever.


    Hey! cried one of the factory workers as the waste flooded back into the factory. "What's going on? Quick! Let's get out of ..."


    As the Blue Whales and the Octopuses swam back out to sea, the Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks, fish kings of junk food, prepared for action.


    You mean we have to locate all their rubbish, dump it on their beaches, and don't get to eat any?! they asked, amazed.


    That's right! whistled the Pink Dolphin. "Who knows what damage their rubbish is doing to your stomachs?" The Hammerhead Sharks set off first, their long heads shoveling the rubbish together, the Tiger Sharks gathering the old tin cans, plastic bags, ice-cream papers and empty bottles into their big wide jaws as they followed behind.


    Arrggghhhh! cried the bathers on the beach, "SHAARRRKKKKSSSSSS!"


    Gradually, the pile of rubbish grew higher and higher, making a wall between the beach and the sea.


    One final attack. Like acrobats , the Seals jumped onto the jet skis and raced out to sea before turning the skis to face the beach.


    Stop! whistled the Pink Dolphin. "We can't hear a thing down here! We can't even hear ourselves speak!" and swam straight into an oil barrel. "OUCH!"


    The Seals dived into the sea and watched the skis race into the wall of rubbish. BBAAANNNNGGGGGGGG! The rubbish exploded high into the sky.


    From that day on the sea creatures lived in harmony with the sea and not another sound was heard from the humans.


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